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Home Inverter & UPS

The Mizuki inverter with battery for home uses cutting-edge DSP technology and a modern design, to ensure that you do not need any separate power backup system. This is the best inverter for home and supplies clean, stable, and regulated power to safely run all kinds of appliances, including sensitive ones. It has a long battery life, high energy-efficiency, and features a smart overload regulation. During power cuts, this inverter for home use switches to battery mode instantly, offering uninterrupted power supply.

Also, you can use the Wide UPS mode to run fans, fridges and lights, while the UPS mode is ideal for computers and TVs. The inverter boasts of a user-friendly LED display too.

Such an inverter for home use also functions noiselessly and emits no noxious fumes that can harm the environment or people around you. It can be used to run a variety of appliances, and you will no longer need to depend on traditional generators. These inverters can be a lifesaver during long and frequent power outages too.