Tubular Plates

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The Mizuki tubular battery price is completely worth it, as the battery can complement both grid and solar based setups. It can operate without any glitch even at high temperatures and has fast charging capability. This ensures that you always have access to power, no matter how long or frequent power outage is. These tubular batteries have superb deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance, making them ideal for a wide array of applications. From offices and stores to schools, hotels, shopping malls, petrol pumps and wind energy sites, these batteries find extensive usage, due to their durability, affordability and performance. They also come with C-20 rating and sufficient warranty.

Another major advantage of these tubular batteries is that they feature electrolyte level indicators that are easy to read. Equipped with the latest in technology and crafted after intensive research, these batteries produce stable and clean power. For the Genus tubular battery price you pay, you also get noiseless functioning and zero pollution.